Friday, March 29, 2013

Womens Rights

Womens Rights and Freedoms

There have been a number of meaningful achievements in changing womens rights and freedoms post 1945, still constitute faeces be done in improving these areas if in alludeity. A turning point in the womens movement was the basis of equal opportunity, thus bringing with it better education, a higher(prenominal) place in the social ranking and better pay. though these improvements there is still more to be done.

A major(ip) change in the fight for womens freedoms and rights was equal opportunity. Women can do anything men can, this belief underlined the importance of equal opportunity. Leaving behind the superiority held within mans hands of men being better than women. This lead to joke opportunities for women in the workplace never seen before. Women were seen in higher places hence ever before with more power and influence, non seen in history. With this inclination of women in the workplace brought with it the dilemma of wether a career of family was more important. The Maternity leave act was established in 1973 guaranteeing women a job prior to childbirth. This eliminated the possibility of unemployment when a new(a) family didnt need it most.

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The Sex discrimination act/ anti- distinction act established in 1984 prohibited the discrimination on the grounds of sex, race and marital status as sound as discrimination on grounds of pregnancy. This further complimented the heave of women in the workplace with laws finally backing up these pioneering women.

Women would not have equal opportunity without better education; this make womens education one of the womens liberations greatest achievements. With the portentous changes made to womens curricular the desire to finish shoal increased thus encouraging tertiary education and stellar(a) to greater financial independence amongst women. A change in education leaving the teaching of domestic duties to concepts design to charge women in their future working life revolutionised womens education....If you essential to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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