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Strlsm: Strlsm is the story of d elements of d consciousness.
Strlsm is the first civilise of thought. Strlsm is the school of
psychological science that Wundt began and champi stard all his life.
Wundt is often referred to as the father of structuralism.
Edward B. Tichener, one of wundt very own student formally
establish and name structuralism. The strlsm supposition is that conscious
experience can be broken down into prefatory conscious elements, or
breaking down mental processes into the most fundamental components
and the introspection method was used to help to understand the
staple fiber elements of consciousness.

Tchnr: Created a system of Structural Psychology later termed
structuralism a study of the elemental structures of
Consciousness based on introspection. Was an influence in
American Psychology bringing a exacting
empirical, Wundtian approach to experimental

Fntlsm: According to functionalism the subject matter
of psychology is mental processes or in other words
, functions. Functionalism was a refuse against structuralism
, nd it focused on the purpose of consciousness and behavior
. Ftlsm was form as a reaction to the structuralism Structuralism
was the study of the contents of consciousness. Functionalism
was pertaining and concerned with commonsense issues.

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Structuralists said that mental functions were not subject to
introspective analysis, it was the make up of the mind that
could be analyzed. Functionalists disagreed, saying they could
study mental function if correct methods were used. in that location were
many men responsible for the development of functionalism. and
was heavily influenced by the work of William James and the
evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin. Functionalists sought to
rationalize the mental processes in a more systematic and spotless manner.
Functionalism emphasized individual differences, which had a profound
impact on education.

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