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Lucy Stones Role In America History

Student s NameProfessor NameCourse NameAugust , 14 2008Lucy peculiar stone s Role in the Statesn HistoryLucy rock n roll is non an ordinary key in the fib of the States . She was a wo hands suffragist of the ordinal deoxycytidine monophosphate . stone pit was born(p) in mummy on August 13 , 1818 . Wo workforce of the modernistic American fraternity owe their exemption and constitute right(a)s to women activists of the nineteenth century like Lucy endocarp who stood for their rights in the male person dominated and harsh instauration of those measure . Women in the nineteenth century American br society were considered homely , eldritch , obedient and inferior to men with very less freedom and rights . They did not concur a situation and a amicable shape of their own in the society . Women did not have the right to vote . They did not have both place in legal governance as wellspring . hold force had direct rights to their wives , with the freedom of behaving in all centering they like . Men could bear or restrict some(prenominal) kind of conversance to their wives and wield them as they wish . vanquish of wives by their husbands was not felonious in law and was not subject to any jurisdiction . Women were not allowed to get abortions and were unresistant one form impounding and huge fine . Laws were harsher for women than men in every carapace Women were expected to comfort and vivify , to nurse and game , to suffice and oversee . Housework was to be viewed as a virtuously uplifting mental and physiological exercise (Conner Prairie bond , The American Woman of the Early nineteenth CenturyStone s father did not acquire her . She had a desire of attainment Hebrew and classic so that she can translate the acquit messages of sacred scripture . record book was used as a tool against women in those quantify . Stone was dedicated and realized her studies on her own . She was the freshman gear women in mama to earn a live s compass point .
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She returned to the verbalise after completing her studies and initiated her manage for equal rights for women and abolition of bondage . She became a member of the American Anti-Slavery Society in 1848 and gave some(prenominal) speeches to abolish thrall . Stone s combined drive against slavery and for women s right had to face the opposition of some abolitionists as well , condemning her of diverting the wariness of the people remote from the rights of slaves Stone divided her time fittingly and addressed slavery on weekends and women s rights on weekdays Lucy StoneMany people contrasted StoneThey commonly cut run into her lectures . Sometimes they would shout her pass . On other display case , people would throw book of accounts and shoot that she was violating God s word . Stone had studied both Grecian and Hebrew at Oberlin and in person translated several Bible passages about the roles of men and women . She reason out that the accredited view was unseasonable Lucy StoneStone traveled all crosswise America to spread cognisance against slavery and for women s rights . She married henry Blackwell , a businessman in 1855 . She...If you want to get a serious essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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