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Powerful rulers during the age of the monarchy: Queen Elizabeth I and Czarina Catherine the Great

        Europe in the sixteenth and 17th centuries saw a development of many muscular and powerful monarchs. Most of these monarchs were fighting(a) rulers whose supremacy was due to their attention to completely aspects of rule, in particular, economics, society, and inappropriate policy. deuce monarchs who show their strengths and weaknesses in these categories be Elizabeth I of England and Catherine the s grueling of Russia. Though similar in some methods of their rule, Catherine and Elizabeth held very different foreign policies. These differences are what influence their unique legacies.         Catherine the Great and Elizabeth I had economic policies which were comparable in some aspects except strange in others. tzarina Catherines stainless economic structure was a command economy base on the institution of serfdom. In 1785 tsaritsa Catherine had issued a roll called the Charter of Nobility, which not what is more released the nobles from the service required of them by one of her predecessors, Peter I, solely granted them full function over their serfs as well. (Ursula.) In this way, Russias economy was at a lower place the come across of the splendor, who were answerable to their tsaritsa, Catherine. Similar to Czarina Catherine, faerie Elizabeth I as well had a command economy, which she tempt through an act passed called the superlative of Apprentices. Peasants were required to live at the place of their birth, work where commanded, put down wages, and monitored apprenticeships. Thus, trade was essentially below the direct control of baron Elizabeth I. However, Elizabethan peasants could not be compared to Czarina Catherines serfs, because the English nobility was not allowed to manipulate them as they pleased.
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In addition, the majority of Queen Elizabeth Is income came from the dispensation of take awayices and lands, and not clams off of the labors of the peasants. Both Czarina Catherine and Queen Elizabeth I started their reigns... & adenylic acid;lt; tick/& international ampere;gt;Ursula. Catherine the Great. Jan 21 2000. declension 22 2003. <hypertext transfer protocol:// nevermore/CGREA T.HTM>. < tab key/>Volodymyr Kubijovyc . Catherine II. 2001. Dec 22 2003. < gt;. this was genuinely well done and it helped me a lot in my perusing convey you so ofttimes for posting it and keep on composing :) If you want to stick around a full essay, bless it on our website: Orderessay

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