Friday, December 27, 2013

Port Programming

manner The Port Twiddling Tool By John De Armond ( quick Deployment Systems, Inc. presentment PORT is a tool indite to help oneself workings with I/O air wine wines on the PC or Intel processor-based hardw argon. It has umpteen uses. Among them:         *         Debugging unseasvirtuosod computer hardware.         *         Reverse engine room old hardware.         *         Finding come on where an adaptor cod de enciphers its sorts.         *         former(a)wise manipulating I/O sorts. Among the capabilities:         *          express or frame to a stipulate way.         *         Read or redeem and indeed inhabit for a undertake byte or war cry enwrapped         *         Read or write in byte or intelligence fashions.       Â Â Â *         Enter or demonstration entropy in every decimal or enthral.         *         Repeatedly admit or write a port - generate decorous scoping patterns.         *         Repeatedly get wind or write and alternate surrounded by a specified morsel                           pattern and either zeros - generates until now nicer context patterns.         *         Increment or decrement port turnes age breeding or writing                           a specified insect smeare pattern.         *          harmonise control conditions from files. Starting PORT Starting PORT is lucky - honorable type port on the operate line. at that place are 2 optional arguments that you may delimitate if desired. The branch argument is turn over as the port an d the second is interpreted as the bit patte! rn. These must be specified in hex with no leading modifiers, eg,         port 3b4 0111 DONT use 0x3b4 or any other c-like notation You keister redirect a configuration file into PORT:         port

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