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In the Theban Antigone by Sophocles, the author reveals a rootage that the legalitys of the Gods are greater than those of man. The beginning of this play shows king Creon refusing to set d have got Polynice on account of him attacking Thebes, this begins a conflict with Antigone; Polynices sister who believes that she must bury her brother sending his individual to the heavens even though adequatey knowing the consequences of her actions could lam to her own termination, Creon discovers this trea parole and sentences Antigone to death, despite the numerous objections by his son Haemon and the art prophet Theresis. Through the use of conflicts and tragedy Sophocles reveals a estimation that is relevant even in a juvenile society.Sophocles uses the interpersonal conflict between Antigone and Creon to represent that upholding the laws of the Gods are higher(prenominal) than the laws of man. Creon sets laws that he believes no man is bigger than while Antigone believes that upholding the laws of idol are to a greater extent important. Antigone shows this when she says And if I die for it, what happiness! Convicted of venerate I shall be content. The summons shows Antigone talking to her sister Ismene sex act her that if Creon sentences her to death for doing right by the Gods and burying her brother and then she is all right with that. Also when Creon discovers Antigone is the one who disobeyed his law he is infuriated with her, once again she states her reasoning that it is by the laws of heaven she obeys not those of man. It is shown when she says I did not think your edicts blind drunk enough to overrule the offhand inalterable laws of god and heaven, you being only a man. This quote shows her public debate with her uncle about her decision to bury her brother; interest the ad-lib laws and rites of the Gods to give Polynices a proper burial, despite Creons law that anyone who buried him would be put to death; this shows Antigones st rong belief in the Gods and Creons faith in ! himself. Sophocles uses this interpersonal conflict to...If you want to get a full essay, tack it on our website:

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