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Eleven         In the story Eleven, Sandra Cisneros usances the literary techniques of thought and articulate to characterize Rachel as a bewildered little recent lady who is onerous to act anything but her have ripen. Because of Cisneros in(predicate) use of varied literary techniques, Eleven achieves much more than and so is present at first glance.         Rachels st come along of military position as an eleven year older girl is pivotal to understanding the idea that the author is trying to depict. When Rachel is told the sweater is hers, she blames the whole misfortune on her age, instead of the hearty fuss, her immaturity. There would be no problem whatsoever in speaking up and making clear the sweater didnt belong to her. However, she gets baseless and frustrated, manifesting herself that if she were only a little older, the problem would not even be a moot topic. or else of giving the sweater back to Mrs. Price, she shamefully puts it on and blames the immaculate incident on her age, using that as an excuse. Rachels perspective as a little girl is the main conclude that she misinterprets what age really means. Rachel thinks that it is only acceptable to do virtually things at a certain(p) age. In the passage, Rachel says Thats what I tell Mama when shes sad and needs to cry. peradventure shes feeling three.
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(Cisneros, 17) Again, her perspective comes into play. Although in some matters age is a factor in how people are supposed(a) to act, Rachel goes too far by saying that at a certain age she must act a certain way.         another(prenominal) literary technique Cisneros us es to her stories advantage is diction. Rac! hel talks in her take language applicable to her own world, the world of a blanket(a) eyed child seeing everything for the very first time. Because Cisneros makes... If you essential to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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