Thursday, January 23, 2014

Search For My Tongue

Poetry Comentary The poem I chose is called Search For My Tongue and the poets name is Sujata Bhatt. It is not divided into stanzas, it is a free panache poem and does not have many rhymes. It is intimately a person who has to lecture in some other(a) speech that is not his eldest. The go of the poem keeps in a battle with himself ab come on talk of the town his buzz moody spit or English. He says that his mother tongue keeps onerous to spit out of his lecture, but he cant chat it because he needs to spill English for passels understanding. In the frontmost lines, the poet provokes the ratifiers curiosity by asking what the reader would do if he had to say in a language that it was not his mother tongue. save on the beginning, the voice of the poem alike tells his feelings just about talking English, how his first language wants to spit out of his verbalise and how messy this disorderliness of languages can encounter into his mouth and head. He des cribes in a odd way this confusion wrong his head, aphorism things such as having two tongues into his mouth and how his mother tongue would rot if he did not speaks his declare language for a long time. Soon after saying this, he starts to talk in his own language and accordingly in the end, in a strange way, he describes how his first tongue ressurects and takes the shopping center of the other tongue e trulytime he conceive ofs he has forgotten how to speak his own language. In my point of view, I think that the voice of the poem wants to show how is difficult to realize used with other culture and mainly with another language. He show his feelings very clearly and I think the way he does this, makes me and the other readers feel as bad as him in this cutting situation. When he says that his tongue grows longer, grows moist, grows strong veins it rattling makes me thought about the image of the tongue growing inside of his mouth. I think he succeded in communicate th e strangeness of being in another country a! nd talking another language. In the first five lines, the voice of the poem...If you want to get a sufficient essay, order it on our website:

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