Monday, October 24, 2016

Paintings of William Edouard Scott and Claude Monet

twain works of art that pass inspired generations of art lovers argon showery Night, Etaples, painted in 1912 by William Edouard Scott, and The perform of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, created in 1908 by Claude Monet. Currently, both ikons ar displayed in the IMA Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana. showery Night, Etaples is displayed in the American surgical incision and The church building of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice is displayed in European section. The two paintings aim the ridiculous stamp of their painters and disaccord in the reflection of light. They also differ in their sizes, and the painters were inspired by different themes while creating these masterpieces. The two bewitching pieces of art atomic number 18 the strokes of two great get the hang and differ because they portray the uncommon styles of the painters and ar made on the same medium and are visual works of paintings.\n wet Night, Etaples that is next to The Olive grove painting in the MLA museum in a 25 1/2 x 31 in. 33 x 39 1/4 inclose painting, which was created in 1912. The material use for the painting is oil on canvas. The painting shows a beautiful play of light and darkness, which is not altogether black, but has a bluish hue. The painting shows a rainy view of a street of Etaples, which is a urban center in Normandy, France. Most of the paintings of Scott have a common root word of the summer residence of atomic number 1 Ossawa tan, his mentor. The summer residence of Tanner was in Etaples, and Scott has use the urban center in most of his paintings (Rainy Night, Etaples, 2014).\nThe Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, which is beside The Quai dAusterlitz painting created in 1908 by Claude Monet is a 25 1/2 Ã- 36 1/4 in. 34 x 44 5/8 in. framed painting. The material used is same as Rainy Night, i.e. oil on canvas. Monet has prone a series of paintings to this Church of Venice. In this painting, Monet has again shown his loyalty to the display of reflecti on of light, although the painting appears slightl... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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