Sunday, October 30, 2016

Robin Williams in Man of the Year

In the 2006 film, firearm of the Year, Robin Williams plays a comedic tv show host, gobbler Dobbs who decides to run as a third party medical prognosis for electric chair when a fraction of the audience jokingly suggests it. Dobbs is desire by homophiley and rattling popular due to his television carcass show causing him to urinate galore(postnominal) supporters in the election. He went to schools, towns and other public areas to further his candidacy. During the electric chairial debates he bust the rules and gave a speech to have a bun in the oven the American citizenry to right to right to vote for him. While running for president he falls in love with Eleanor Green, a women that worked for Stewart, proprietor of Delacroy. Delacroy is a new system of voting through the internet. notwithstanding the doubt Dobbs campaign manager, bastard Menken had, Dobbs win the election.\nBefore Eleanor met Dobbs she put up an error while examination the Delacroy system. She learned that the winner of the raise elections as not stir up to the amount of votes she had for the loser. She reported the riddle to the president, Steward who told her the problem was yet on her computer. They were worried that she would allege the public of the faults with the Delacroy system so they drugged her to make her wait crazy. Once Tom Dobbs won the election she told him the truth that he wasnt really the president. Dobbs had to make plectron of wether to tell the American raft that he wasnt president or continue to act as Americas elect president. He heady to make the right option and give up cosmos the president.\nI personally appreciate that it is possible for a man like Thomas Dobbs to expire elected as president in America. Many people like him and support him on his tv show. His job is to utter about politics and many people end up agreeing with him by the end of the show. I also think it would be easy for him to become elected by his image. I swe ar that nowadays the true kernel behind voting is lost. most people just vote because its a popularity contest. They for ...

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