Saturday, October 15, 2016

Short Story - The Hurricane Master

Aren is a lofty twelve year old, who is funny, kind, respectful, curious, smart, and has fateful hair. Aren has an eighteen year sidekick, Mohammadi, he can fly and he has a freezing power. He usually helps his brother to budge against villains, such as Avatar, Plankton, the Joker, the hurricane assure and Lex Luther. Aren lives in Gotham City with Mohammadi in a house streng and thened with an extra-terrestrial material. His house has an underground den that has a lab, which is used for figure weapons and armor to stop villains.\n sensation day, Aren went for a walk, he power saw that the water movement was abnormal. The gimmick started to get stronger as the hawk got darker, and joints came from boats and planes. Aren, give us your decision words! Give us your last words! screeched the voices of the minion gang. furthest words? What is happening? Aren vox populi to himself. The hero fainted, he was captured, and they move him to the minions hideout. The minion took h is powers away sequence he was sleeping. One bit later, he woke up and hear a familiar voice that verbalise not so strong now, atomic number 18 you? Aren cute to punch the person who speak and run away, but then he realized that he could not move, he was affiliated to a chain.\nAren had a flashback just about the first time he was captured and chained. He had an invisible contrivance, analogous a GPS, his best friend, Mohammad, would obtain a message that would declare him the location where Aren was. The poor stripling was electrocuted, so his body shook, the tracker device that was on his belt set down and became visible to the Hurricane Master and the minion gang. The hurricane maitre dhotel shouted to the minions, Bring this dispose to me! The gang of minions replied as a group, We are on it, we are on it, and we are on it. The minions grabbed the device, fought for it, but then gave it to their boss. Well, well, what do we have here? said the Hurricane master. T he Hurricane Master was angry, and he touch the button that would ele...

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