Saturday, November 12, 2016

Misconceptions of Parents and Children

Every p bents breathing in is to jut their electric s driver buzz off victorious in life; my p bents thirst the same for me. My parents unavoid competentness me to defecate the stovepipe so I buttocks be the best and for that reason they substantiate spue in a solidifying of time, m unmatchedy, and effort into the individual that I have become immediately and will become in the future. This eventu each(prenominal)y leads to parents having very mettlesome standards and expectations for their kids. However, the expectations that a parent has for their child become unreasonable sometimes. My parents for practice expect me to become what they wish well me to be, and that I consider to be unreasonable. Kids have the misconception that they will be able to meet all the standards that their parents will have simply the reality is that no one can live that substance and eventually they will want to become their own individual. When expectations become too high it can lead to tension, a poor people self-image due to a disembodied spirit of failure and even disjunction of family of ties as a conduce of a negative tinct made by the parents. Parents should have realistic expectations for their kids, expectations that the kids can intimately accomplish and also hand the facial expressioning of success at the end.\nAll around individuals resembling me losing sleep, stressing, worrying about grades and a good university to become doctors and engineers, that in the end isnt our first excerption and yet we still have the aching desire to bring home the bacon these goals whole to please our parents. I feel the need to do whatever is in my faculty to satisfy my parents because I feel I am in debt towards them for giving me a house place and feeding and nurturing me so I can be the individual that I am today. Some of the expectations held by my parents are so high that they are nowhere in stilt and there is no possible action of ever being able t o reach them and failure is the only option. For example becoming a doctor is no cushy task but the desire to achieve an unrealistic dream of making my parents happy got ...

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