Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Spanish Conquest of the Aztecs

The Spanish were more right in terms of weapons which contributed to the success of the Spanish conquest on the Aztec Empire in the new-fang lead 1500s. The trust the Aztecs gave to the Spanish conquistadors, the diseases brought to the Aztecs and accord of Aztec culture also led to the Spanish conquistadors to a successful conquest.\nWhen Bernal Castillo and Cortes, along with their soldiers, first arrived to Mexico, they were greeted by Moctezuma ( record 4 and 6). Moctezuma told Cortes and Castillo that his people argon not bad(predicate) people and w scornver they adopt heard should be considered as jokes. (Document 4) Cortes answered ..enemies always itemise lies about the people they hate . One can symbolise that there is a misogynic relationship between the two parties. This history was written by Castillo and one of Cortess soldier. You can present that they ar suspicious with Moctezuma and his people. The written document later explains how they plan to b unco Moctezuma before he attacks them. This shows that Spanish conquistadors were able to act early. Document 5 depicts a merging between Montezuma and Cortes, with Dona Marina as interpretive program to help build a communication bridge. It seems as though they are trading goods in golf club to be unploughed on each others good side. The goods that the Spanish were receiving gave them an idea of what the Aztecs are reliant on. It whitethorn have given them ideas on how to cudgel their empire. These two documents gave the Spanish an usefulness to conquering the Aztec empire. An additional document that would be helpful to empathise this is Montezumas first personal reaction when the Spanish first arrived because we may learn if he personally thought that the Spanish were up to no good. I would give care to learn if he power saw the conquest coming and what plans he had, whether it be to destroy them or actually develop a friendly relationship with them.\n other factor tha t contributed to the success of the Spanish conquest ... If you want to force a full essay, order it on our website:

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