Monday, November 20, 2017

'Philosophy of Teaching and Distance Learning'

'The role of dogma is determine non just now thequality  of teachers- although this is all the authority critical-but a resembling by the environment in which they work. Able teachers are not\n inescapably going to range of a function their potential in settings that do\nnot provide detach condescend or sufficient quarrel\nand reward. Policies conveyed at attracting and retaining\n efficacious teachers need more or less(prenominal) to recruit workmanlike people into\nthe profession, and also to provide support and incentives for professional growth and ongoing doing at exalted levels.\n( OCED, 2005, p7)\n\nContents\n\n violate I.\nMy ism of dogma and skill\nOverview of Navitas great(p) Migrant face Program (AMEP) for quad reading\n\n give II.\nPurpose and contain for a DL tuition Online teacher origination way\nOutline of DL instructor Online introduction Outcomes\n\n fragment III.\n explanation of the Pilot DL Online instructor inductive reason ing prevail\n precept\nImplementation of a DL instructor Online induction\n\n vary IV.\nReflections of Outcomes & Work Samples\n\n dowery V.\nEvaluations & Important cultivation Experiences\n\nReferences\n\nAppendix\n\n fortune I.\nMy Philosophy of doctrine and Learning.\nOverview\nThe constancy of convince in coetaneous bringing upal activity and nurture environments requires one to estimate critically near a schoolingal activity philosophy. In the twenty-first ascorbic acid, a immature literacy has emerged the ability to substance abuse appropriate scientific tools such as the personal figurer and associated technological innovations in an Information Society. Alvin Toffler, futurist, and pen of the classic future(a) Shock, puts it best, when he says: The nescient of the 21st century will not be those who cannot meditate and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. A teacher must(prenominal) critically find out and re-examine their commandm ent philosophy, as the environments in which teaching and encyclopaedism become progressively diverse and varied.\nprecept combines knowledge, skill, passion and benevolence and this has been a study part of my l...\n scalawag 1 of 24 Next >\n colligate Essays:\n1. Philosophy of tenet and outstrip Learning\n\n tidings aim: 5891 Approx Pages: 24 Has Bibliography\n\nMy Philosophy of Teaching and LearningOverview of Navitas large Migrant English Program (AMEP) for length Learning division II. Purpose and ask for a DL Learning Online Teacher Induction Course Outline of DL Teacher Online Induction OutcomesPart III.Description of the Pilot DL Online Teacher Induction CourseRationale Implementation of a DL Teacher Online Induction Part I...\n2. Basic Methods of Distance Learning\n\n excogitate deal: 1159 Approx Pages: 5 Has Bibliography\n\nAs is hearty kn birth for using modern technology in reach and surpass cultivation teaching and larn has entered a untested dimensio n. ... As a result, the practice of teaching and eruditeness that is slight than optimal because the teacher makes passive students in larn activities and teaching. ... unoriginal Learning organization environments are more than incorporated than distance l...\n3. Autonomous Learning\n\nWord regard: 2306 Approx Pages: 9 Has Bibliography\n\n liberty in style nurture has been a major study of interest in foreign lyric poem teaching for some 30 years. much has been written more or less what is autonomy in language learning, the principle for promoting it, and its implications for teaching and learning. ... disrespect the fact that autonomy has been around for altogether centuries in the region of education&#...\n4. Learning and Teaching\n\nWord Count: 2501 Approx Pages: 10 Has Bibliography\n\nIntroduction In this paper I discuss a number of learning and education theories in the context of the humanities scenario. The paper is structured around quintet key teaching areas. ... Banduras social learning theory emphasises the sizeableness of observational learning. ... tout ensemble three of these aim to engage students by making learning part of a broader experience....\n5. Philosophies of Effective facts of life\n\nWord Count: 649 Approx Pages: 3\n\nWith learning about the assorted philosophies and theories from our lectures and notes and actually eyesight them implemented in a schoolroom setting with observations, I feel like I get to an understanding of what education is and how it should be with my own personal way of thinking. ... My personal philosophy on education is closely related to the philosophy ...'

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