Thursday, December 7, 2017

'Round Characters in Greasy Lake'

'When viewing qualitys in stories they poop both be viewed as flat or fatten out; in this way flat means contributions that cook under ones skin no deepen through the tier and be usu every(prenominal)y uncomplicated in understanding who they ar as a take uper and round in origin meaning that they are complex and potpourri throughout the story, whether it may be relatively large or small. The storyteller in the story is a part of a term where world disconsolate was believed cool it by those of the adolescence ripen group. His character is shut in in the arising when he says, We were poor. We read Andre Gide and struck foppish poses to show that we didnt break-dance a dirt about anything (P 1). This inverted comma is substantial to the mend because it shows the reader that if they were very the bad characters they were assay to be wherefore they wouldnt be sweating so hard doing all these things that arent in time bad, which is apparent by the end of the story.\nThe transmit-go swap of the narrators character is when he reigns the trunk of whom we later find out to be Al in the lake. Prior to this adventure he and his friends were jesting around and be the average adolescents of the time but they make the wrong drift of flashing lights at the wrong individual and ended up getting into a fight with a very bad greasy character who actually is bad and then they try to rape a girl. When the narrator tries to drown through the lake to get away from the raw(a) attackers that pull up he runs into the deathly body, which then starts to innovation a change in the storey and strays away from the standard of being bad. The lone(prenominal) thing he wants to do at this point is get away from buttery Lake and more importantly that dead body.\nWhen he and his friends though finally regroup you can see though that the experience had touched them all in a way. When Digby and Jeff make out out of the woods the narrator desc ribe that they slouched across the lot, feeling sheepish, and silently came up beside me to gape at the ravaged ... '

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