Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Are Mobile Phones Harmful To Humans?

Figure [ 1 ]: http://topnews.ae/content/26296-brain-gets-affected-mobile- call backs
By Kayleigh Lynn Ovenden
physics Casestudy
Are Mobile phones damaging the human brain?


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There ar over 4.5 billion mobiles being use around the world today. individually second, someone, somewhere, is using a mobile phone, whether they argon texting, playing games or calling someone. It is not just the fact that there are so many being used but the change magnitude lengths of time they are being used for. In this investigating I am going to be looking at the effects that the mobile phone have on us, in particular the effects on the brain, in order to list to a conclusion on whether it harms us or not and how.

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Scientific background
2, 3, 4
a telephone with access to a cellular radio system so it hobo be used over a wide area, without a physical society to a network.- Oxford Dictionary
A mobile phone, when put back to basics, is a sophisticated radio. It was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 and has been dramatically enhanced and changed since then.
The cellular system divides a city, or town, into small cells allowing extensive frequency reuse- the ability to use the aforementioned(prenominal) frequencies across the system, so millions can use their cell phones at the same time. In a typical cell phone system it will carry around 800 frequencies across the city, each cell being about 10 square miles. Cells are normally thought to be set out as a hexagonal grid, as shown in the diagram below. Because the move use low power transmitters, the same frequency can be used in cells not neighbouring the other. Much of the...If you emergency to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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