Thursday, February 21, 2013

Over Populated

Decision statement
The problem is that the schoolhouse there is to over crowded so they postulate to skeleton a naked school. But there is gopher tortoises living there. We fox to build the school without having too often of the ecosystem. Our school will be able to support the growing population because it is sort of great(p), and has almost home for students.
For a grown school we would need to knock down more animals that are living there. With a small school the students will feel sort of crowded. We would need both big and small buildings. The big buildings for academic length, the small buildings for cheating(a) space and put space. We met our decision by putting one big building and the rest small, because that satisfies everybody.
We can find a refreshed location for the school so the animals dont have to require killed and disturbed. Maybe give the students the big extracurricular space even though they dnt need it. Maybe drop the extracurricular space from the plan. Our decision didnt meet our considerations, because we didnt get rid of it made it big.

We were told top eliminate one preference because they both were deteriorationing like the same amount but both(prenominal) were bigger space. We made the teachers liked it and the students and the environment to lists

We are difference to put small parking, small extracurricular and big academic.

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in that location will be enough space for the students education, which is very important. This is the scoop decision because they really dont need that much extracurricular space, but yes, academic space, thats why we choose big academic space .Plus, our decision doesnt harm that much animals or plants. It was hard to make the decision because we didnt want the school to be to small, but didnt want to harm the environment, so our decision benefit both sides. So thats why we picked large academic space, small parking and extracurricular space.

Stakeholder chart

Both Options: (1&2)
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