Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Ashley Whitaker
Walden University

Abby is a client in need of serious and array(prenominal) assistance. While this assistance can come in the score of any of the different psychological perspectives, thither are whatsoever that are going to be a better add up for Abby than others. The approach of Alfred Adler, in my opinion, is one of those approaches that is going to be a very good fit when it comes to helping to treat Abby.
Strengths and Limitations
alas when it comes to counseling there is no perfect fit. As with everything else there are always going to be strengths as salutary as weaknesses when using any surmise to treat clients. The capriole is to find the one that fits each client the best. With Abby, Adlers theory would be a good fit because the Adlerian approach focuses on assisting clients to better understand how they perceive themselves, others, and life and to better rate their strengths and assets while avoiding the counterproductive perceptions and behaviors that have led to the development and aliment of symptomatic behaviors in their lives. (Corey, 2009, Pg. 50). These techniques are going to be very beneficial to Abby simply because of the fact that she is, with time, going to be able to change her thinking process and behaviors without any serious wound to her psyche.

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One major limitation to this theory with Abby would have to be the fact that it is based on being so heterogeneous with the client that if Abby were to be hospitalized there could be major setbacks in her treatment. With her level of depression it is likely that she could end up hospitalized and this could present a serious issue for her therapist as nearly as the progress for her treatment.

Specific Issues
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