Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The followings are the answers of your questions:
1-the persons name I will be reason is The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
2-He was born on Monday 12 Rabiul Awal in the stratum of elephant in Makah.
3-a-when ridiculed and stoned by the townsmen, His blood was shed for the truth, unless never was he vengeful or rude. b- c-
4-first thing that he adversities he born while his father died before his support and his mother died after a short period of his bloodline ,this is a great disaster in his life alone beside that he is THE PROPHET THAT SEND by allah so as to guide us to the right path of ISLAM.
5-alas, The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) died at the age of 63, but another account mentioned that it was not his real age. Muhammad (PBUH) passed away on Monday, it was the time of Dhuha on the 12 Rabiul Awwal, after fourteen days of sickness, he was buried on the night before Wednesday.
It was told that when Rasulullah (PBUH) was about to die, he got up, put both his work force in a flask of water, he then rubbed his position and said, Ya Allah help me in facing the sakaratul maut.
After departing to Rahmatullah, the remains of Rasulullah (PBUH) was cover with a sheet of blanket, the friends were confused even Umar did not suppose the death of Rasulullah (PBUH).

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Usman was silent, and Ali could not do anything, none of them were strong debar Abbas and Abu Bakar radhiallahu anhum.
They argued whether they should cleanse the physical structure with his clothes on or off. because Allah put them all to sleep. Then there was a role that said, Cleanse the Rasul with his clothes on. They woke up and resumed with the task of cleansing the body of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with his clothes on. Those who took care of this affairs of cleansing Rasulullah (PBUH) were: Ali stack away Abu Thalib and Abbas and both the children Fadhal and Qutsam also Usamah and Syagron who were both slaves of Abbas, and also attended by Aus bin Khalid of the Anshar.
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