Monday, March 4, 2013

Trial Of Tears

Jazmin Triana-Durango
Bill Lewis
U.S. History 1301
2 March 2009
Trail of divide: A Dramatic Situation
After the discovery of the New World, Europeans created problems for inhering American Indians such as: abuses, diseases, use as striver labor, and decimating native populations. innate cultures tried to adopt the foreign customs. Although the Native Americans were forced to make many changes, they found that their actions did not see to it equal protection under the legality, and they could not prevent Europeans and Anglo Americans from fetching their native lands. They were forcibly moved from their homes to an unknown territory. These events dramatically wedged their culture and beliefs.
In early 1800, a series of treaties amidst the United Stated government and the Cherokee Indian tribe open up in atomic number 31 gave their tribe recognition as a nation with their own laws and customs. Nevertheless, white people tried to overrule all these agreements and persuaded them to move to northwestern Arkansas between the black-and-blue and Arkansas Rivers. During the first two decades of the 1800s, the Cherokees were force to cede much of their territory.

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Then in 1819, the Cherokee National Council notified the federal government that “it would no longer cede land, thus hardening their resolve to roost on their traditional homelands” (“Trail”). The Cherokee situation became complicated by the issue of states rights and a prolonged dispute between Georgia and the federal government. Additionally in 1828, Georgia passed a law pronouncing all laws of the Cherokee Nation considered null and void after June 1, 1830. At the same time, the discovery of gold on Cherokee land in northern Georgia in 1829, the fertility of the soil, the extent and appreciate of the territory, convinced President Andrew Jackson to aggressively implement a broad policy of extinguishing Indian land titles in affected states and relocating the Indian’s population.
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