Monday, March 4, 2013

What Is Computer


The calculator is the most wonderful gift of learning to the modern man. The ready reckoner can do all the whole shebang of man. Thus, after the invention of computer, the gap between man and railway car has been bridged up.

The dictionary meaning of the word Computer is an electronic reason motorcar. It is derived from the word compute which means to reckon. But the function of the computer has expanded beyond the act of reckoning. Though a machine, it contains and provides limitless informations and artificial intelligence of a very high order. It whitethorn seem strange, but it is true that the memory and intelligence of a computer can surpass those of a living tender-hearted being.

The mechanism of the computer is very simple. Information processing is the shopping centre of calculation. It is a data based machine. The data is fed into the machine. The machine is manipu recentd and then the due information is retrieved.

The original objective for inventing the computer was to create a fast designing machine, though instantly it is used for other purposes. Computer is something more than a calculating device only. It plays vital role in sending cosmonauts to the blank and to the moon. Courses in computer technology have been introduced in colleges and universities because of the festering importance of computer.

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Due to the limitations of digital computing in the 1960s and 70s, engineers, technicians and scientists solved complex problems using line of latitude computers. An analog computer generates continuous signals using dials and switches for input, and meters for output. With progress in digital technology, analog computing died out in the late 20th century, though many of its ideas carry on in music synthesizer designs. Though each one solves convertible problems, analog and digital computers have several differences.

Out put

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