Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Violence in movies, video games and television should be banned.

Nowadays with these high technological achievements of human beings e trulything has become possible. in any case video games, movies and television programs ar also improved as well. So at that place argon a lot of games which are based on reality like the latest wars trough the earlier ones, and some of them are based on fantasies which are based on books or the game makers imagination. Also its the equivalent story with the movies and television. There are a lot of movies and documentaries more than or less almost everything including the violence and cruelty in all all over the world. Therefore there are a lot of tidy sum who think those movies and games should be banned because they can be abusive for kids and teenagers and even adults. But I strongly believe that is non the case and that is not the way of solving it.
Most stack think that the violence in the movies and games should be cut sour because it is encouraging youngsters to act in that way, but I protest because I think every movie and game is for a particular age so if a kid is low written age on the them,the parents must forbid him or her from watching that movie or playing that game. So if someone acted like that, it is either the parents fault or it is his or her cause choice.

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So you cant put the blame on companies ask them why they are making these kind of movies or games, because it is a very big industry and they are making money from it. On top of that it is very exciting and enjoyable.
Another thing that skeptics tell is that, these violent entertainments are even irritating for adults. I would secernate if something is irritating for someone he or she could just fend off it but cant say that it is the same for others. As we see there are a lot of fans who really adore these kinds of games and movies. That becomes more obvious when we see the long queues behind the cinemas and stores when a in the raw action movie or game comes out. So the of import thing I should say to those skeptics is that you cant judge things with ignoring others...If you want to push back a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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