Monday, October 7, 2013

Dimensions Of Culture, Values, And Communication

Running Head : Culture and Cultural NormsNameUniversityCourseTutorDateCulture wad be referred to as a hoi polloi s demeanor of bread and butter . It hindqu wileers be utilise to refer to the way we live and e really(prenominal) that goes on with our invigoration . That means that for us to wear a flavour we be possessed of to be affiliated to a trustworthy conclusion or to belong to a certain refining . To be in a certain close single has to combine will the cultural set , norms and expectations Cultural values net be use or rather the terminus usher out be used to refer to the way we have our things make . Wee can not be competent to have statistical averages on cultural norms . There ar anticipate and also accepted practices in our society . sometimes they whitethorn not be in line with the law of persona lity or our policies . An example is a case where it is understandable and rightfully normal to drive 5 miles above the speed limits (http / entanglement .changeculture .com /Webpages /Norms /Norms .htmNorms have varying strength and thus they have spirited antithetical consequences incase one violates these norms . If one lacks norms , this is referred to as economies and it is more often than not associated with social breakdown and mental illness . This means that depending on the offense that one has committed they may be penalize by their culture diametrically . They may be excommunicated by their community or anything that this community may think (Westing , 1988However , culture keeps changing and batch in that culture shine in pace with the change . This is why some people atomic number 18 more civilized than former(a)s Due to this we attain that some people have or seem to be more in advance(p) then others . This can be used or is used in reference to some elect(ip) activities such as classic music! , museum caliber art .
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There are times that one will move place to or one continent to the adjacent and remark that he can not fit in the next . This is because he finds that he really having a different way of living from the other people or the people that he meets (http /www .changeculture .com /Webpages /Norms /Norms .htmI erstwhile visited South America for one calendar month in Peru . I was expecting a very normal life but I got some things that I least pass judgment . Life was very different and that is when I realized I was in some other world with quite a different culture . I was used to a life where we had a unproblematic atomic family where we have dad , mammary gland and my brother and my two sisters wipe out there I found that life is quite different . A simple family I realized consisted of the father , scram , children , uncles , aunties and the grandparents . All these were animation in the same house under the same cap . There was a very different way of life hereThen when Sunday comes , I am a Christian and we go to church every Sunday . here(predicate) there were no churches and people used...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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