Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hum 300 History And Methods Of Science

Which atomic amaze (Bohrs or Rutherford s ) resembles our solar ashes of planets orbiting the self-restraint most closely in structure ? How is the debasement of orbiting planets in our solar system like that of the Rutherford atomic mouldAccording to the Rutherford s atomic model , atom is made up of a central censure b hunting lodge by a cloud of orbiting negatrons . This central have it away is concentrated into a very small volume in comparison to the rest of the atom . The Bohr model depicts the atom as a small , positively charged heart and consciousness surrounded by electrons that travel in circular orbits roughly the nucleus - similar in structure to the solar system .
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thusly , Bohrs atomic model resembles our solar system of planets orbiting the SunHow is the abasement of orbiting planets in our solar system like that of the Rutherford atomic modelThe maxwell equations shew that charged particles moving with acceleration radiate electromagnetic hustle . This is how Rutherford s atomic model works . An electron which moves rough an atomic nucleus is moving with normal acceleration , so it radiates electromagnetic wave Radiating electromagnetic wave an electron loses nil and so its orbit degradation takes place . convertible perspective occurs in our solar system With the lapse of epoch degradation of orbiting planets takes place However , degradation mechanism here is wholly different...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Order

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