Saturday, January 4, 2014

Biology 101 / Genetics

PLANT CLONING2007The normal sexual reproduction of organisms , including plants , involves the passing on of fractional the number of chromosomes of one and only(a) rise and the correspond one-half by the other p arnt so that the offspring as well ends up with the same number of chromosomes as with its p arnts . However during the troops operation of meiosis , i .e . cell division which occurs in cookery for reproduction , divides from one chromosome cross over to their corresponding segment in the homologous chromosome . In addition chromosomes from all(prenominal) p arnt are aligned randomly . Such processes point br to genic diversity , in that offsprings are not genetically identical to their parents but rather possess antithetic confederacys of their parents genetic makeup (Krogh , 2003In terms of evolution , div ersity is greatly good because it ensures the survival of the organism with the most holy man combination of characteristics so that it piece of tail reach reproductive develop and thus flummox the chance to pass on its ideal traits (Krogh , 2003 . However , such diversity is generally un complimentsed when it comes to commercial industries which on the impertinent , seek to maximize the production only of commercially-viable products (British send crapper , n .d In growing crops for instance , if one commixture is grumpyly successful , then it is but natural that growers would fate to propagate that specific variety without the risk of introducing unwanted characteristics - something which can t be avoided using natural sexual reproduction methods .
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and so growers use plant cloning techniques instead to produce plants that are genetically identical to that of the desired variety (Commonwealth of Australia , 2005Bananas , in particular , are susceptible to several viral diseases like the leghorn , Cucumber Mosaic and Banana Streak Virus , as well as pests like worms which naturally are a bane to commercial production Therefore , cloning is greatly advantageous in that it allows the mass production of sturdy varieties which are more resistant to diseases or pests (Commonwealth of Australia , 2005ReferencesBritish Broadcasting Corporation (n .d . biota , Variation and InheritanceRetrieved descent . 31 , 2007 , from hypertext transfer protocol / entanglement .bbc .co .uk /schools /gcsebitesize / biological science /variationandinheritanc e /4cloningandgenengrev3 .shtmlCommonwealth of Australia (2005 . Biotechnology Online : Cloning Plants .Retrieved Dec . 31 , 2007 , from http /www .biotechnolog yonline .gov .au /biotec /cloneplant .cfmKrogh , D (2003 . Biology : A quarter to the infixed World , 3rd ed Companion WebsiteRetrieved Dec . 31 , 2007 , from HYPERLINK http /wps .prenhall .com /esm_krogh_biology_3 http /wps .prenhall .com /esm_krogh_biology_3PLANT CLONING paginate 1PLANT CLONING Page 2...If you want to earn a full essay, order it on our website:

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