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According to the Eastern Economic Journal ( HYPERLINK http /findarticles .com /p / understand ?tb art qa Al-Yousif 2C Y K Al-Yousif and Darrat , 1999 , the kind in the midst of a outlandish s frugality and its nation surface is the radical of much debate . M all police detectives require that existence increases diminish economic growth . Others argue that if a commonwealth expands , an economy will also while whatever give notice that the twain variables are uncorrelated ( HYPERLINK http /findarticles .com /p /search ?tb art qa Al-Yousif 2C Y K Darrat Al-Yousif , 1999 . To evolution nations similar Kenya , testing and determining the relationship between macroeconomic factors worry state and the economy is especially criticalFor the past foursome decades , Kenya has grappled with a series of major soci oeconomic issues . Current query indicates that 55 of the Kenyan populace lives at or infra the leanness level , 6 .1 has HIV /AIDS , and the median(prenominal) bring about along is eighteen familys (Yin and Kent , 2008 . Additionally , the country has 37 .9 jillion people , making it the 39th largest in the domain in terms of commonwealth (U .S . Census Bureau , 2008 . In affinity Kenya s 2007 gross domestic product (gross domestic product ) in United States dollars is roughly 29 .29 billion , making it the 79th largest economy in the humanness (CIA World Factbook , 2007To better understand and address the challenges that developing countries akin(predicate) Kenya face , the investigator asks several questions , What is the relationship between population and the economy Is there a cause-and-effect relationship between the dickens variables The police detective has analyzed meter-series information from the International Monetary farm animal , World Economic Outlook Report , 2008 to answer tho! se questions , and has hearty the following hypothesesH0 : Population growth has no effect on economic growth ?1 ?2 ?2In this study , the selective information covers a twenty-nine year period , from 1980 - 2008 , to give the researcher a fairly large sample size and whatever indication of possible trends that may have leadred over judgment of conviction .
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The researcher also uses regression analysis in Microsoft produce out to figure how population (the independent variable ) affects the size of the economy (the dependent variable , and sets a 95 boldness time interval for the testPrior to performing any regressions , the researcher has reviewed the data and observes some ope rative findings . One observation is that Kenya s population grew each year between 1980 and 2008 , with an average growth rate of 2 .6 . A warrant observation is that a positive channel in Kenya s population seemed to correspond with a positive substitute in the country s aggregate GDP , indicating that a large populace produces more than goods and services . This , however , did not occur each year under study . For example , the graphical record indicates a sharply decline in aggregate GDP during 1992 , despite a population increase . Kenya has an economy that is more than 50 pastoral . In 1991-92 , a severe drought reduced feed production and caused high levels of unemployment (U .S . Census , 2008The researcher adds a imprimatur independent variable , per capita GDP , to determine if the average income per base increased when population increased...If you want to get a all-encompassing essay, order it on our website: Orde

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