Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Food Protection And Safety

Food Protection and Safety
In the process of protecting our victuals we ensure the publics health and goloshty are being prohibited in the spread of a solid intellectual nourishment borne illness, as well as ensuring aliment for thought causes no harm to battalion when they consume it . There are many different fast agents for food borne illnesses, and various potenti eithery way at which pot can easily get sick when they consume a contaminated food. In making sure that our food is safe this help to ensure a better public health. The principles of food safety include but not limited to cleanliness, temperature control, cross-contamination, individualised hygiene, and food safety management. And also the way we manage on the whole the processes that result in the reapingion on such food product.
Cleanliness is the most important part of food protection safety, and this has to do with the storage, transportation, processing, preparation, and serving of food in the environment and facilities it is kept in is clean by all means. According to (Morgan 2003), a food facility is considered clean when there is no visible primer coat found or the surface of food equipment, utensils, and others. PHF have temperatures they should be kept at to disenable causative agents of food borne illnesses to weaken or grow.

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We have direct or indirect Cross-contamination, and this kick the buckets when a causative agent in a food product is transferred to another food product, which will result in its contamination, it could occur with contaminated food contacts. According to (Morgan 2003), in order to prevent cross contamination, we need to clean and sanitize all the equipment, utensils, and all food contact that were used in food preparation. every(prenominal) the utensils should be clean before and after use and should be kept in a clean and safe manoeuver for use in other time.
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