Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Free Fall Lab

Title of the Experiment: Free Fall- Measurement of
Gravitational speedup g
Students name: jaqueline
Lab Partners name:
theme Number:
Section SLN:
TAs Name:
get a line of the experiment: 02/01/12

Abstract (7 points):

This experiment was performed to study the value of gravitative acceleration by degage take. Students performed a two firearm lab which included cadence the time it took for free resolve objects to touch the ground and whence measuring free fall of a picket fence in front of a photogate. Then entered the data into Graphical Analysis to collect mean.

These results advise that by performing experiment that requires much of manual procedures, then error to accepted value would be bigger collect to human error, but by performing an experiment with equipment that has borderline movement will give more accurate results and results adjacent to accepted value.

Objective: (3 points)
The purpose of this lab is to billhook the gravitative acceleration G on Earth by free fall using different objects.

Equipment: (3 points)
Small rubber object
whiffle ball
stop anticipate
30-m measuring tape
Picket fence with 5-cm band spacing
wide photogate on root word connected to the Science Workshop interface.

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data-based procedure (5 points)
The natural elevation of first beautify to fourth floor where the object would be dropped from was measured with 30-m measuring The student on 4th floor dropped a swiffle ball and a rubber object that was seasonably measured several times with a stop watch to collect a series of data. These values were then entered into GA to collect the mean and error.
Back into the class, a photogate was used to measure the slope of a picket fence that was dropped. This was done 5 times and entered into GA to find the final value and error.
Experimental Data (5 points):

Part 1:
6)  From what height are the objects world dropped? (Be sure to use SI units)

__11.42 m ______

7)  Time measurements:


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