Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eisenhower’s Politics

President Eisenhower plan called the Interstate Highway Act, that would last for round 20 categorys. This plan gave those who traveled the road an opportunity to engagement a different route to get to their place of destination. During the year of 1953-1954, Eisenhower did a good job in managing the economy during the recess period. The way that he did this was by not allowing inflation and equilibrate the budget.
I believe Eisenhower helped the economy when he increased the minimum wage, and social security benefits as well as the unemployment benefits. types of programs helped that unfeignedly needed the extra help. President Eisenhower was very grateful to move over received help from the Democratic Party. The democratic party was on board wtith Eisenhower decisions because they didnt want the economy in both debt either.
So Eisenhower and the Democrat were both pulling for the same matter this time around. The politics of consensus, was simply an agreement in the American culture. This was certain values and beliefs that the middle class people lived by.

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Eisenhower believed powerfully in consensus because he was the type that didnt wanted to go back and forth in arguments with anyone so he strongly stood for consensus. President Eisenhower believed that everyone should have some sort of religion that they believed in no matter what it was.
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