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Chapter 1 Vocab
Canadian Shield- a zone undergirded by old-fashioned rock.

Bering background Bridge- a land bridge connecting Eurasia & northern America

Mound Builders- inhabitants who constructed mounds for religious, ceremonial, and burial purposes.

Three Sister farming- the cultivation of maize, beans, and squash.

Iroquois Confederacy- unquestionable the political and organizational skills to sustain a robust forces alliance that menaced its neighbors.

Christian Crusaders- tried to wrest the Holy Land from Muslim control from the 11th-14th century.

Marco Polo- Italian adventurer/discoverer of the untried World.

Caravel- a ship that could sail more closely into the wind.

Sao Tome / Principe- islands mangle of the African coastal islands.

Expulsion of Muslim Moors from Spain- the unity of the land of Spain resulted from the expulsion of Muslim Moors from Spanish.

Renaissance- in the 14th century, it nurtured an ambitious kernel of optimism and adventure.

Christopher Columbus- skilled Italian seafarer who sighted an island in the Bahamas.

The Columbian Exchange- Explorers returned to Europe with maize, potatoes, and tomatoes. Europeans introduced crops and animals to the Americas.

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Treaty of Tordesillas- Spain secured its claim to Columbuss discovery with this, dividing with Portugal the heathen lands of the New World. Lions share went to Spain. The compensation territory in Africa & Asia/title of lands went to Portugal.

3 Gs- In the military service of God, as well as in search for favorable & glory.

Conquistadores- conquerors that fanned out across the Caribbean & onto the mainland of American continents.

Bartolome de Las Casas- a reform-minded Dominican friar who wrote The Destruction of the Indies in 1542 to chronicle the awful fate of the Native Americans & to complain Spanish policies in the New World.

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