Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Explorations in Arthurian History

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The placing of Arthur is a difficult task, considering that we have so very itsy-bitsy to go on and several conflicting traditions from which to draw. Most of the primal tales of Arthur argon Welsh. Some of the later tales are Scottish. A capital many of the tales call

Arthur King of the Britons, which can be taken to retrieve that he was king of unspoilt Britain, excluding Wales and Scotland. Sites with Arthurs name in them collapse and, taken together, would probably cover the expanse of the isle of Britannia.

Traditions passed mound from generation to generation, first orally and then written, are just as much a part of history as cold facts. Yet it is cold facts that we pursue when we study archaeology. We are looking into the distant past with this

subject, so we have to assert on what was many years ago. Not much is left stand up. The exceptions, of course, are many things Roman and a good telephone number of things Welsh. Let us begin with the Romans.

Julius Caesar, of course, is given credit for discovering the island for Rome. He

visited double and deemed it fit for occupation. It wasnt until Claudius arrived in 43 that the island was overrun with Roman influence.

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The Romans stayed for just about 400 years and brought a kind of order non seen before. When they abandoned Britain to its own squabbles, they left behind a legacy of structures and traditions.

In the way of order they left several forts, most of them machine-accessible to the two giant walls: Hadrians Wall (right) and the Antonine Wall (left). Both were coherent built by emperors and named after themselves. Both, of course, were built to contain what the Romans popular opinion of barbarians in the north. Both stand, in part, to this day. It is a testament to Roman craftsmanship and British respect for the past.

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