Thursday, March 28, 2013

Neutrality in the United States

1. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: struggle in Iraq video
B. Statement of Purpose: My let on is Jessi Kaur and my partner Iman and I believe that The United States would be immensely better off as a politically soggy ground.
C. Defining: Before I get into the contentions, I would equal to wreak sure you know what politically neutral means.
i. indifferent(p) from the world
ii. Not involved in wars
iii. Trade can happen
iv. Switzerland
D. Contentions:
v. 1. War reflects negatively on the United States
vi. 2. We as a country alone are able to prosper
vii. 3. Neutrality would make the United States more self- focused
viii. 4. Neutral is better for trade
2. personate
E. 1. War reflects negatively on the United States
ix. Who emergencys to be in war? I bet if you could decide on a future where none of your sons or daughters had to go to war, you would choose it.
x. If afield bases are closed, we can still protect ourselves
xi. War in lraq was over $3 trillion
1. With 3 trillion, we could do so such(prenominal) DOMESTICALLY
2. Added to the federal deficit
xii. Troops being killed

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1,834 in Afghanistan
xiii. Poor use to resources
xiv. Not constructive for society
xv. worldwide turmoil
xvi. We can be safe
4. Because of a extensive history ofĂ‚ neutrality, the army does not take part in armed conflicts in other countries, but takes part in peacekeeping missions around the world
F. 2. The United States is in a voiceless position to adopt a policy of neutrality.
xvii. 3 bodies of weewee surrounding the country with two weak and friendly neighbors, at that place are no immediate physical security threats to the country.
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