Thursday, March 28, 2013

Objective Of Vision 2020

Objectives of Vision 2020
* establishing a united Malaysian nation with a sense of common and shared destiny. This must be a nation at peace with itself, territorially and ethnically integrated, backing in harmony and full and fair partnership, made up of one Bangsa Malaysia with political loyalty and dedication to the nation.

* Creating a psychologically liberated, secure and developed Malaysian party with faith and authorisation in itself, justifiably proud of what it is, of what it has accomplished, robust enough to mettle all manner of adversity. This Malaysian Society must be
high-minded by the pursuit of excellence, fully aware of all its potentials, psychologically
subservient to none, and respected by the peoples of other nations.

* we have always go about is that of fostering and developing a mature democratic
society, practising a cast of characters of mature, consensual, community-oriented Malaysian democracy that can be a pretense for many developing countries.

* establishing a fully moral and honourable society, whose citizens are knockout in religious and spiritual determine and imbued with the highest of ethical standards.

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* we have always faced is the challenge of establishing a mature, liberal and
tolerant society in which Malaysians of all color and creeds are free to practise and profess their customs, cultures and religious beliefs and yet
skin senses that they belong to one nation.

* establishing a scientific and progressive society, a society that is innovative and forward-looking, one that is not only a consumer of technology but also a contributor to the scientific and technological civilization of the future.

* establishing a fully caring society and a caring culture, a social system in which society will come before self, in which the well-being of the people will revolve not around the verbalize or the individual but around a strong and resilient family system.

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