Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fieldwork on Religion and Superstitions

FIELDWORK ON RELIGION AND SUPERSTITIONS Religion is a worldview in which gaudiness personify cosmic forces and find ways to deal with them that is supply the ways they deal with powerful forgiving beings in their society. Religions ar organized in two terms, which atomic number 18 dogma-orthodoxy and heterodoxy. Dogma-orthodox religions are delimitated by some resources like holy writs and tally to these religions the truth whitethorn not be apparent movemented, in the paired heterodox religions change even conflicting interpretations. However it is discussed recently that pile who go bad to dogma-orthodox religions can believe in magic and apply in their daily life twain religion practices and magic practices. In this field work I will focus on practices and beliefs of religion and superstitions in dogma-orthodox religions, in order to research in the field I earn made two interviews with members of incompatible religions roughly this topic. One of my interview s was with N.C.(72), who is a Muslim lady. The interview started with questions about her religious view and she state that she has two Qurans in her house. afterward that I wanted to question her religious practices, which refer to rites. Rituals are repetitive social practices of religion, whiz of them is ritual worship (namaz) in Islam. N.C.
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said that she requires every Friday still when she was young she excessively did the ritual worship five measure a day and also she says that she feels herself uncomfortable when she did not pray on that Friday. This shows us that N.C. is a person, who has religious beliefs and has a hard connection to rituals of Islam. After that I asked qu estions about superstitions especially about! magic. The article Faith, Religion an the occult written by Sylvia reference Önder is about nazar the evil centerfield and also different healing systems in a majorly Muslim society living in Medreseönü. It is observed in this population that nazar in definition human glance can, in some circumstances, cause harm to people, which is...If you want to condense a full essay, order it on our website:

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