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AP Physics - Projectile bowel movement

A projectile is any bearing that falls through the manner. These objects are accelerated work throughward by the force of gravity. They are also affected by their conversion through the air, to varying degrees. We will ignore the effects of air resistance, however, which laughingstock be safely done if the object is obscure and the distance that it falls is not too great.

Projectiles always take after a curved path called a flight of steps (this trajectory is a segment of a parabola, a f tour find by Galileo). Sometimes the trajectory is called a ballistic path. much(prenominal) operation is three dimensional, but we will, for simplicitys sake, sens only with motion in two dimensions up/ down, and sideways.

The key to efficiently deal with projectile motion is to simply break the f number down into its horizontal and vertical components.

Vectors that are perpendicular to each otherwise act independently. This is so important that the Physics Kahuna will edict it in large friendly letters to drive basis its importance:

Vectors that are perpendicular to each other act independently.

This means that the horizontal and vertical components of a velocity transmitter dont affect each other. The up and down motion has secret code to do with the sideways motion and the sideways motion has no effect on the up and down motion.

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This is like a really important KEY CONCEPT !


We are mandatory to make a couple of assumptions here:

1. g has magnitude of 9.80 m/s2 and is always downward.

2. Effect of air resistance can be ignored.

3. Rotation of earth can be ignored.

4. Motion (the horizontal velocity component) in the horizontal direction is constant.
The velocity of a projectile has two components, vx and vy.

vy = v sin (vx = v cos (

Note that we have already mastered the undertaking of calculating these pesky components.

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